Zpay Network is a significant inclusion in the ICO Initial Coin Offering platform. There will be many positive effects of circulating Zpay Network in the international market. That’s because, with the circulation of Zpay Network in large scale, options of payment will become more efficient as well as modern. The hard work of the team of competent professionals at Zpay Network platform is behind this modern idea. The team is working with determination to enhance live token sales and to make Zpay token widely accepted as a favorable option for payment and transactions in the market.

These tokens will be used in future for trading, making use of their fast and quick wallet from Zpay Network. Their team will work day and night to negotiate various deals with their target merchants so that they accept the Zpay Network tokens as their preferred option for payment.

Some of the advantages of Zpay Network tokens are

  • Compared to other cryptocurrencies, transactions through Zpay Network token is faster.
  • The process will not only be secure but also be less expensive.
  • It is built on the latest Ethereum blockchain.
  • Their community is genuinely active, supportive and never ceases to encourage them.


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  • Alfian Hanafi
  • CEO & CO-Founder
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  • Dwi CS
  • Marketing, Promotions
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  • Arif Nugroho
  • Smart Contract Developer
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  • Nova Saputro
  • Full Stack Developer
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  • Agus Setiawan
  • Community Manager
  • Rizki Kurniawan
  • Java & C++ Developer
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Token ZPN
PreICO Price1 ZPN = 0.003 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 1,950,000
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