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Zorff is a systematically fast and secure payment solution that enables smooth transfer of funds globally. Zorff facilitates merchants’ financial transactions using blockchain technology as an intermediary with minimized transaction costs.

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  • The crypto space is a rapidly expanding industry and it is expected to do so continuously in the future. Currently, there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies in the market with improvements constantly being added including payment systems with the hopes of improving their functionality. However, many existing systems and solutions are flawed and based on unbalanced principles which make them prone to manipulation, exploitation and fiasco. Zorff aims to provide a first-hand cryptocurrency with its own customised blockchain protocol. It is a decentralised intermediary which allows buyers and sellers to trade directly in any crypto and fiat currency using any method of payment. It features an integrated payment solution and exchange platform which makes it complete and sustainable as it is interconnected with the fiat currency world. This bio-network offers an upgrade in terms of advantages over existing payment solutions such as speed, 24/7 performance, security, scalability and user familiarity.To develop an integrated podium on the blockchain with a complete bionetwork for the common people. This will eventually become the ultimate solution for all financial transactions including trading, exchange, payment and merchant transactions. This will enable overall cost reduction by eliminating third-party involvement, provision of an integrated payment gateway module, a secure transaction environment and real-time data processing. By applying blockchain in payment, transactions are recorded publicly, easily audited and restricting manipulation of transaction information.Zorff is not like traditional ICO tokens. Instead of a vague promise of possible future returns or idealistic visions which may never eventuate into product, Zorff entitle their holders to guaranteed rights to 100% of the total profits from the payment system and trading platform through cryptocurrency dividends. Cryptocurrency profits are paid to shareholders in the same cryptocurrencies in which they are made, allowing the investor to receive a regular stream of portfolio income. By holding a single Zorff asset, the investor is entitled to a wide variety of cryptocurrency profits across the entire spectrum of the digital economy. In addition, Zorff entitle the holder to voting rights in the platform’s decision making process, such as the currencies to be traded on the platform, the direction of new business ventures and design considerations or functionalities for the platform. Zorff assets are more than just a stream of dividends, by investing you become an integral part of the future of the platform itself. The protocol behind the Zorff dividend distribution and voting token is provably achievable with existing technology and does not require any fundamental advances in Blockchain technology to implement. The development focus of Zorff is on the direct utility it provides for the user rather than aiming to be disruptive technology. At the end of each financial period, profits for all cryptocurrencies are calculated and published publicly before being distributed back to Zorff holders. A dashboard is available on the Zorff platform detailing the dates, amounts and distribution details for the current period.


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  • Gozu Takahiro
  • Intan Tamalihis
  • Jarun Ho
  • Elsa Ahlbon
  • Makin Inthi
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Price0.0000 USD
Minimum investment0.01 ETH
Soft cap300 ETH
Hard cap1,800 ETH
Whitelist/KYC None
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency
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