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Zodiaq is a crypto-fiat platform for the implementation of settlement, guarantee and clearing operations. It includes a bank, an exchange, a hedge fund, and a payment operator (PSD2 compliant).The strong side is that our bank have a licence for operations both in fiat and crypto currencies, and a banking software that is ready and operational. The bank connected to SWIFT and have FATCA JIIN. Exchange and hedge fund software are developed and in a testing stage. On ICO we raise funds for further development and scaling.

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  • Zodiaq is a crypto-fiat platform for the implementation of settlement, guarantee and clearing operations.Zodiaq currently has its own bank, having a license for account opening and providing any operations (account management, performing transactions) both in crypto and in fiat currencies, as well as its own cryptocurrency exchange.Zodiaq is planning to realize own flexible platform on basis of open API and to debug the solution in the context of compatibility with its house bank. Purpose of this process - to provide a ready-made solution to other banking sector players, the implementation of which will require minimal resources, allows fin-tech companies to become an independent link in the daily transactions of Zodiaq’s customers to create their own infrastructure solutions without the need for development from scratch.The use of blockchain technology at the heart of the system will increase credibility to service. This technology functions without the centralized management, therefore, is not subjected to influence on cost and terms of transactions.Zodiaq strategic aim is formation of new financial infrastructure, which will replace classical banks as a managing service for implementation of transactions between contraparties.Due to the widely developed infrastructure of relationships with a large number of financial services and the formation of its own foreign exchange reserves, post-trade processing consumer services will be launched within core business units of Zodiaq system. This mechanism will allow instant cashless transfers in the local currency ZOD for counter obligations between users and companies for sold and delivered goods, financial instruments and services performed, based on clearings within the ecosystem contour.ZODIAQ system’s structure of income.Zodiaq project as any infrastructure project has a commission structure of income. • Transaction banking • Processing of payments; • cryptocurrency acquiring; • Card programs; • Currency exchange; • Arbitration; • Brokerage service; • Liquidity lease.SYSTEM COMPONENTSWithin the last year the ZODIAQ team has been actively developing a financial platform that can combine traditional financial operations and operations with crypto currencies. Development of basic functionality is at a closing stage. ZODIAQ ecosystem consists of the following components:Cryptofiat bankLaunch in 2018 License is received This is perhaps one of the first crypto banks in the world with a real banking license on the right of conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies, namely: • Open accounts in any cryptocurrency. • Take deposits in any cryptocurrency. • Provide loans in cryptocurrency. Company name: Crypto Bank Limited License number: L15624/CBL, company number: 15624 FATCA: TVFQ2C, GIIN: TVFQ2C.99999.SL.174, SWIFT/BIC: CRYTKMK1 Financial institutionAbout 100% complete The working financial institution based on the Swedish trust fund, finance company. Swedish financial institution has all the necessary attributes of the European financial company that allows opening accounts for entities and persons, making money transfers for and on behalf of the third persons, customers. Authorized capital is above 4.5 million EUR • SWIFT/BIC: NOHRSES1XXX. • Global Intermediate Identification Number Of intermediary — GIIN (Global Intermediate Identification Number), RDZHJZ.99999.SL.752 • FATCA: RDZHJZ, AML / CTF directed against money laundering and terrorist funding • Settlement account in Wells Fargo bank To date, the structure is ready for transactional operations.Cryptocurrency exchangeLaunch in Q3 2018 Stock exchange trading system is developed. Works in test mode. Preliminary launch date is Q2 2018. About 80% complete.Hedge fundLaunch in Q3 2018 The interface of filling of currency reserves is developed, the passive control algorithm for managing the fund’s portfolio according to Buy and Hold strategy is implemented. Big Data in complete volume is brought together, infrastructure on collecting and the analysis of price and fundamental data is created.
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  • Pre-ICO bonus 50%.


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  • Ilya Churakov
  • Marketing Strategy Advisor
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  • Erik Shekhmametev
  • COO, Co-Founder
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  • Pavel Dmitriev
  • CMO, Co-Founder
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  • Kirill Razgulyaev
  • Deputy head of development
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  • Dmitry Khan
  • Head of development
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  • Aleksandr Gorbov
  • CVO, Co-Founder
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  • Valery Petrov
  • Advisor
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  • Oliver Kempkens
  • CEO
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  • Vyacheslav Grachev
  • CTO
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PreICO Price1 ZOD = 0.1 USD
Price0.2000 USD
AcceptingBTC , ETH
Minimum investment1 ZOD = 0.1 USD
Soft cap1,500,000 USD
Hard cap24,535,000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUSA, Switzerland, Singapore and Canada
Category Banking , CryptoCurrency
Total Supply240,000,000
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