Effective solution for customer loyalty management through emotional involvement. Tokenized feelings represent knowledge about emotional ties and connections that are core to the relationships. We have already implemented a technical solution that brings together users and advertisers for their mutual benefit. You can place advertisements and get impressions, clicks and user reviews for a bonus. All user reviews will be recorded into the blockchain. Token holders will be able to use them in the ZeroState app to launch an advertising campaign and make payments to users. Tokens can be stored in a user’s ERC20 cryptocurrency wallet and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in the stock exchange. Tokens paid for an advertising campaign via the ZeroState app are transferred to the cryptocurrency wallets of the users participating in the campaign. The user may exchange them in a stock exchange, store them in the cryptocurrency wallet, or sell them for any cryptocurrency to other users dire.

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  • Emotional intelligence is what we feel. It is the feelings that are born inside us long before our brain can assess the situation, apply social filters and decide whether it is "good" or "bad". ZeroState uses an application to collect such feelings. The users are motivated by money to share them as they learn about a new product. Our platform is the link between the manufacturer and the user. ZSCoin (ZSC) tokens can be used by advertisers to increase the visibility of their products on our platform. They can be bought by advertisers to launch an advertising campaing via the app. The aim is to get feedback from customers, attract their attention and increase sales. Users receive ZSC from advertisers for writing reviews. ZSC can be exchanged for ETH or sold on cryptocurrency exchange. Each month ZeroState will use 20% of its profits to repurchase the tokens, increasing their popularity. For the world: Search engine on a new level Search for "how it feels" (instead of "what" in Google). Social networks 2.0 Search for soulmates, instead of searching for people with common interests. Uber-like advertising platform Real money paid to users for their reviews. For advertisers: Loyal customers Who go beyond breezing through your company information and leave their reviews. Feedback Receive user feedback for detailed analysis. Ranking To effectively attract users looking for specific emotions. For users: Free participation in promotions Free sign-up at ZeroState. Getting rewards for reviews Out of the promotion budget set up by advertisers. Unbiased statistics Users are paid for all reviews, even unfavorable ones.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Presale 50 %


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  • Alexey Aslezov
  • CEO, Co-Founder
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  • Evgeniy Sosnin
  • CTO
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  • Pavel Petrov
  • CVO, Co-Founder
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  • Aleksandr Mikhailov
  • CMO
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  • Serge Shilnov
  • Blockchain & ICO Mentor
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  • Sasha Karachinsky
  • Designer
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  • Maxim Varganov
  • Community Manager
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  • Alex Shiganov
  • Team Lead
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  • Galina Muravyeva
  • iOS developer
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  • Alexey Ganin
  • Senior Backend Developer
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  • Mofassair Hossain
  • Advisor
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Token ZSC To
PreICO Price1 ETH = 3200 ZSC
Price 0.2184 USD
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment100 ZSC
Soft cap4,000,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD
Category Artificial Intelligence , big-data , Business services , Communications , Travel & Tourisim
Total Supply 65,000,000
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