Zenome is decentralized to find out genomic details. It is the blockchain driven database that helps to exchange genetic information. A Zenome token is assisted to buy any data to your genome economy. It gives unique information market of personal genetic services. By using the token on can perform genetic tests with no issues. This platform is increasing awareness in these days. It is ensured to make personal ownership of genetic data. Tokens are implemented the effective process to own digital token. In the market, it appears to find the best result in the research. While launching this kind of token before sale offer data based on medicine. The company began its operation in Russia and today the value of Zenome token is 1 ZNA= 0.6USD.

  • Details
  •  It could use to buy reports and genetic tests. This is Ethereum platform that works on Blockchain projects.  It helps a customer to purchase products at their required time.  Zenome works with an ERC20 algorithm and for drug and healthcare purpose.  Yet, they are supplying this service for lots of consumers in Russia. Customers also acquire discount deals for buying medical data.   This app provides reliable and flexible service to clients.  It shows exact details of medical products.  Zenome is existing software people those who like view all h essential information of genetic tests. It offers details at high speed for users.
     There is the different version of the app available online; you choose the latest version to install on your device.  At any time you might able to access to acquire essential details in less time.  It gives entire details of any tests.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 1 ZNA =$0.6


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  • Alexey Gorbachev
  • CEO
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  • Nikolay Kulemin
  • CEO
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Token ZNA
Price 1 ZNA = 0.6 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Hard cap1,708,096 USD
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 1,700,000
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