The most asked question today is if cryptocurrencies have real or intrinsic values. Some are even of the opinion that it can even be of zero value.

ZABERcoin is a cryptocurrency based on assets. Therefore, ZABERcoin aims to solve the situation by mingling physical assets with the blockchain technology. In this case, the chances of profit are very high.

The management team of ZABERcoin is very dynamic and robust. Their professional experience in managing assets is more than 100 years. Cryptocurrencies drastically and fundamentally alter the process in which banking takes place. The human-made and synthetic obstacles are entirely removed by ZABERcoin.

These are the facilities of the ZABERcoin platform:

  • Processing time and fees of the transaction are nominal, compared to traditional methods of banking
  • Peer-to-peer payment is accurate and verifiable in all corners of the world
  • As all the middleman institutions are cut out, fees become less and return bigger
  • The transactions are permanent and irreversible, preventing fraud and chargebacks
  • Financial privacy is wholly secured by this platform. So, for identification, assumed names are used by both parties
  • ZABERcoins are stable and indestructible and you can store these securely

As the number of ZABERcoins will be 10,000,000 only, a healthy, as well as gradual growth, is ensured by the platform


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  • Position
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  • Juan Engelbrecht
  • CEO
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  • Brian Golding
  • CIO
  • Ettiene Pretorius
  • Head Property Developer
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  • Frikkie Van Biljon
  • CTO
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  • Johan Hattingh
  • Property Developer
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  • June Engelbrecht
  • Paul Pelser
  • CFO
  • June Engelbrecht
  • Analyst
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  • Izak Viljoen
  • Legal Advisor
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  • Braam Kruger
  • PR & Marketing Manager
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Token ZAB
PreICO Price1 ETH = 61.25 ZAB
Price 1 ETH = 35 ZAB - 52.2 ZAB
Platform Ethereum
CountrySouth Africa
Category Real Estate
Total Supply 10,000,000
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