The Yourblock is a decentralized Ethereum based platform that gives a user one of the personal digital filing cabinets. It provides the users more assurance and peace of mind by putting the personal information into the user control. It allows the individual upload the personal data such as travel documents, medical report, important document, password and others that do not allow any other persons to view your personal data. Based in Gibraltar, the company has its operation globally except two countries i.e. China and USA. Today the market value of Yourblock token is 1 YBK=0.5 EUR.

The Yourblock platform offers the great solution to allow for the service providers by using the General Data Protection Regulation. This platform stores the important document in the secure location that the third party, hackers, and others will not able to access. If any hackers like to access your important data then they should request the access to filing the cabinet. The hackers may view the data but they cannot able to copy, delete, and edit anything in the data without the user’s consent. The Yourblock has different aspects such as safe, filtered sharing, empowering the users and others. With the third parties, the individuals can easily share the data. The data will keep in the safe digital filing cabinet by using the blockchain security protocol. The individual would not worry about the hackers and third parties trading your important data without your knowledge.

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  • Yourblock offers the best solution for massive data leakage problems.  It provides the effective way to protect the important document, future generation material, and others easily. It offers a Secure Blockchain platform through a Digital Filing Cabinet that provides the users a space to store, and manage their personal data securely.


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  • Daniel Antcliff
  • CEO and Founder
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  • Ben Antcliff
  • CMO
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  • David Antcliff
  • CFO
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  • Matthew Brazier
  • Senior Data Analyst
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  • Richard Stringer
  • Business Development Manager
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  • Richard Earl
  • Marketing Strategist
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  • Robert Mazik
  • COM
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  • Simon Hewlett
  • CTO
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  • Jamie Greenwood
  • CIO
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  • Matthew Waters
  • CISO
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  • Daniel Goldberg
  • Senior Product Manager
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  • Peter Young
  • Legal Counsel
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  • Andrew Wolfe
  • Lead Developer and Architect
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Token YBK
Price 1 YBK = 0.50 EUR
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap5,000,000 EUR
Hard cap30,000,000 EUR
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
Category Business services
Total Supply 200,000,000
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