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Nowadays, customer loyalty reward programs are stale and uninspiring. It’s time for a change! It’s time to reward customers beyond the traditional purchase points. By leveraging our crypto coin called XIR, Xirkle plans to pioneer a unique way to redefine traditional reward programs. In addition to a typical purchase point, customers will be able to earn fractional XIR coins for staking their XIR coins in their online shopping account. Xirkle is conducting a limited-time presale for our Xirkle (XIR) coin. This is special and small window of opportunity for potential customers and investors to buy XIR coins before it’s listed on those popular or major crypto coin exchanges. With this crowdsale, you’ll be helping us to create a catalyst to redefine the traditional loyalty reward program for Xirkle Store and other ecommerce stores. Xirkle (XIR) is currently available for purchase on For this presale, we’re only accepting Stellar (XLM) in exchange for Xirkle (XIR).

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    Smart Contract In code, it’s a self-executing order between two people. The blockchain confirms all transactions, which makes smart contracts immutable and trustworthy without a 3rd party.Fungibility XIR is fungible by design and pursuit. In code, XIR is identical regardless of its source. Simply, you can buy it from a crypto coin exchange or another person, and it’s still a XIR token.Portability For us, XIR was created to facilitate ecommerce ideas. With XIR, you can send it to anyone in the world with an Ethereum digital wallet. It’s only limited by your balance & a small order fee.Durability Most precious metals are very durable; however, it’s not efficient for every day use. With XIR, it’s efficient and secured in the blockchain by design, while accessible with your private key.Scarcity Unlike fiat currencies, XIR has a maximum supply of 88 million coins. Just like earth’s resources, there’s a finite supply. XIR was precisely pre-mined, secured, and verified by the blockchain.Security Gold, silver, and modern fiat currencies can be counterfeited; however, crypto coins cannot be counterfeited because of three core automatic components: blockchain confirmations, crypto coin miners, and unique hash transaction
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    PlatformStellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)
    Price in ICO97.38 USD


    20% bonus if you purchase 250 XIR coins or more.
    Tokens for sale10,000,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment250 XIR
    Distributed in ICO23.79%


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  • O. Tom Chhuong
  • Founder / Developer
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  • Carlos Lugo
  • HR and Training
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  • Priya Patil
  • Big Data and DB Management
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  • Edson Santos
  • Business Development and analytics
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  • Alan Dano
  • Senior PHP developer
  • Michael Xiang
  • Business administration
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  • Babu Ramabadran
  • Senior business analyst
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Price97.38 USD
Minimum investment250 XIR
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency , Internet , Investment , Retail

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