The crypto community has automated supply chain solutions for business structures known as X8 Project, which is based on the Ethereum Platform. It provides the best possible link between all the different utility Ether tokens and its exchange with various assets like fiat currency as well as gold assets and allows one to save both, time and money, simplifying and automating the entire process with the help of two different kinds of tokens that can be exchanged. The ERC20 token is known as X8X and its value is 1X8X=1.22USD. It has been developed in two parts as the decentralized economy for utility tokens Blockchain networks and crypto-currency.

The plus for the X8 project is that all the real world assets which are backed up by X8Currency are actively and keenly managed by carefully tested and approved Artificial Intelligence propriety software. Moreover, the X8Currency is not backed by a single fiat currency. Instead, it is a combination of eight different fiat currency baskets and gold, which is considered as one of the most important and valuable utility. It is stable and redeemable directly at the issuer of the tokens, offering distributed exchanges a suitable solution for fiat exit point. X8X is purely a utility token which is used only as a key to access the exchange services for X8Currency. It has been developed in Switzerland and the issuer is a Swiss based legislation compliant company named X8 Capital AG. The zero percent fees at the exchange of X8Currency and X8X tokens makethis all the more profitable.


Name Position Links
Gregor KoželjCEO / Founder
Aly KulauzovićBusiness development
Tomaž LepošaCSO
Rudolf P. StröblInfrastructure
Alen OberstarCommunications
David PreželjCommunications
Simon HohlerCTO
Ervin MargučCIO
Lenart KmetičCommunications & Legal support
Sofia KulauzovićCorporate look & design
Ergim RamadanIT
Phil LawrenceCommunications
Francesca GrecoLegal
Urban AljančičTGE / ICO project manager
Olaf ChalmerB2B placement
Peter KristensenFinancial specialist
Mikkel ThorupForeign exchange field
Marcus Von GoetzBusiness development
Peter MercLegal advice
Simon CockingDigital Marketing

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