Leveraging the power of Blockchain technology and smart contract, WorldBit is the world’s first innovative platform, where retailers can reach to customers directly. No matter what is the size of your business whether it is small or large, WorldBit provides equal opportunity everyone to flourish. The objective of the WorldBit is to make the market simple, smooth and transparent thereby vendors can reach to the customers without any middle men.

The notable features of WorldBit:

  • Due to the Blockchain technology, WorldBit is transparent. Once the transaction is recorded in the system, it become immutable and no one can alter it.
  • Worldbit ensures top-notch security, thereby money remain safe from any third party influence or any malicious attack.
  • WorldBit is pure, simple and totally democratic thereby farmers, trades person or craft person sold his or her goods to someone that wanted it.

Project TypeBlockchain
Platform     Blockchain
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply 210,000,000
Bitcoin TalkOpen


Stuart TrustyCEO, Co-Founder
Sanjiv guptacoo, Co-Founder
Ajay PandeyContent Marketer, Co-Founder
Mahesh Sharma
Claudio TorresCTO
Nicholus AndrewsInformation Architect
August MillerChief Envisioneer

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2017-11-23 - 2018-02-20
Soft cap 210,000,000

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