The World Coin Network is an ethereum platform based token with the type ERC20. It is currently running at a value of $0.14. The location of the currency is in ST Lucia and restricted area is the USA. This is the future of Middle Eastern CryptoCurrency. The goal of World Coin Network is to stabilize the Middle Eastern Crypto Currency to support the trade and foster the dreamers and the culture builders through pronged approach- Lending Platform, Digital Currency Stability, charity, and Regional Partner Coins.

Empowering the Middle East and creating job opportunities are the main goals.  Actually, World Coin Network is a business that caters the needs of the financial services and the banks to integrate with the infrastructure systems and the World Coin Network tokens.

  • Details
  • The World Coin Network enables the lending platform that infuses circulating capital into the dreamers and the community of builders. Even a small amount of loan can change many people's lives in most countries and especially women who are unable to access the banking system. Around 85% of the Middle East population has no access to banks, so the World Coin Network will offer solutions for them.
    This platform is interest-free meaning it abides by sharia law guidelines, so it will make them the partners of your business. You can offer 20% for their partnership or you can easily buy them out, through the platform.  Also, there are credit scores for the members. There is the open-book policy for this platform whereby the investors can request audits of their accounts, operations, and transactions.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 5%
  • Distribution
  • Pre ICO 30,000,000
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Token ERC20
PreICO Price$0.14
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment0.01
Hard cap100000000
CountrySt Lucia
Restricted areas USA
Category Finance
Total Supply 100,000,000
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