It is not surprising as more than seventy six percent of the online market is dominated by it. But there is no exclusive token for the numerous transactions going on around the globe with WordPress. The crypto community has automated supply chain solutions for the web based business structures known as Workpress,which is based on the Ethereum Platform. It provides the best possible link between all the different stages of business in WordPress and allows one to save both, time and money, simplifying and automating the entire process with the help of Ephriam Smart Contacts.  (Watch Token details visit on ICO calendar ). The ERC20 token is known as WPX and its value is 1WPX=1/2000 ETH. It has been developed as the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency exclusively for WordPress.

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  • Some freelancers offer specific services across the WordPress community but they are very expensive and most of them are not properly trained. Moreover, most freelancers do not accept the crypto currency whereas it is already big in some parts of the world. Workpress is the Blockchain based on the decentralized marketplace for WordPress exclusively. Escrow and verified transactions from any part of the world is now possible for the millions of WordPress users. Instead of paying a twenty percent fees to freelancers or service providers, users can avail all the categories of Workpress services and downloads for as low as three percent fees. This will connect the entire crypto world with the billion-dollar industry of WordPress and thus facilitate ease of secure transactions.


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  • M. Hanan Ali
  • Founder & CEO
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  • Faizan Qureshi
  • President and Co-Founder
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  • Jeppe Klausen
  • Business Director
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  • Sundas T.
  • Director of Operations
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  • Danette E. Vaughn
  • Quality Control Director
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PreICO Price1 ETH = 3000 WPX
Price1 ETH = 2000 WPX
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply80,000,000

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