Introducing Wolk, a blockchain-based advertising data exchange, powered by the WOLK token. Created by experts and data scientists with decades experience in digital advertising and performance-based marketing.

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    WHAT IS DECENTRALIZED DATA EXCHANGE? The Wolk Protocol defines how data buyers and suppliers use decentralized virtual currencies (WOLK token) with APIs (Wolk API) to transact using decentralized backend storage.
    1. Suppliers Upload Data, Earn WOLK Data is stored on decentralized data storage, suppliers are compensated in WOLK tokens when data is onboarded and accessed via API
    2. Buyers Spend WOLK to Get Data Data Buyers use Wolk APIs to get quality data, transfering WOLK to Data Suppliers
    3. WOLK is Liquid Anyone can exchange between ETH and WOLK by interacting with the WOLK Smart Contract.
    4. WOLK Price Driven Up by Data API Usage Because every API response removes a tiny percentage of WOLK, WOLK pricing is driven up with regular API usage
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  • Token info

    Token WOLK
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 0.3000 USD

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Raised $11,500,000


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  • Sourabh Niyogi
  • Wolk CEO and Wolk Foundation President
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  • Sonia Gonzalez
  • Wolk General Manager and Wolk Foundation Council Member
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  • Harish Thimmappa
  • Wolk SVP of Revenue
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  • Rodney Witcher
  • Wolk SVP of Product & Business Development
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  • Michael Chung
  • Wolk Product Manager and Protocol Developer
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  • Mayumi Matsumoto
  • Wolk Data Scientist and API + Protocol Designer
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  • Alina Chu
  • Wolk Data Scientist and Quantitative Analyst
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  • Nitin Chauhan
  • Wolk Data Engineer and a data enthusiast
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  • Bruce Han
  • Wolk Software Engineer
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  • Luvsanbyamba (Luba) Buyankhuu
  • Wolk Data Engineer and Quantitative Analyst
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  • Scott Salin
  • Wolk Sales & Business Development Manager
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token WOLK
Price 0.3000 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
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