The crypto community has automated supply chain solutions for business structures known as Wishfinance, which is based on the Ethereum Platform. It provides the best possible link between all the different stages of loans for small and medium businesses and allows one to save both, time and money, simplifying and automating the entire process with the help of Smart Contracts. The ERC20 token is known as MORPH and its value is 1WSH=1.00 USD.

It has been developed as the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency made specifically for SMEs with cashless economy as the focus. Trading and investing is not new to the world. However, making use of Blockchain and a decentralized system for lowering your business risks and getting fair interest rates for small to medium scale businesses is really a rare chance that one cannot afford to miss.

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  • Issuing loans in the traditional way is time taking and the process is extremely complicated which makes the borrowers as well as the investors lose precious time. However, with the automated transactions of the Wishfinance Platform, loans can be issued as fast as within twenty-four hours. Moreover, each loan is insured against the borrower’s bankruptcy so that each issued loan actually makes the business more effective. The cashless economy also helps with this as payments can be made faster with cryptos. Besides this, the small and medium banks and lenders can also make use of its globally scalable feature and transact or request loans from any country or state.
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Token WISH
PreICO Price1.00 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 30,000,000
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