WIN token is based on Ethereum platform. The located country is Cyprus and the type is ERC20. Actually, these are utility token. The WIN Tokens are great payment methods in the Wawllet platform and also for the accredited third-party providers. The WIN Token is like having a wallet with all your assets WIN  live token such as cryptocurrencies in future, fiat or gold. The advantage is to transfer funds at almost zero cost. A financial service provider who wants to take part in the crypto-based technology and to access new customer base can directly turn to this platform. There is a huge difference between the traditional system and the blockchain technology. This token would benefit financial service providers, banks, and individuals.

The One Stop Service is great for all kinds of asset-managements.  It is possible to access two things WAWLLET Platform and Multi-Asset wallet. It is possible to handle all the assets from just one application due to the flexible and powerful system. There is an opportunity to make an online payment via cards. All the entities that are connected to the network will recognize and respect the payment methods. The bridge between the blockchain technology and legacy mechanism is no more. However, the global network of banks supports this system.

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  • The individuals can interact with the financial service providers and banks in an easy and flexible way. There is the higher level of customer authentication and legal aspect for each region. All the partners are securely connected with the standards of API. This could be a trusted platform to manage personal assets and payments.


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  • Mihail Lala
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Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Total Supply 100,000,000

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