Art has a natural power of imagination to connect people and bring happiness and peace to the world. Our online auction system which is established on blockchain technology provides a platform for artists, art ensutheiasts, gallery owners, museum staff, auction staff, students in art universities and art critics to communicate openly and friendly. It also provides a second chance for talented artists who haven’t gotten appraisal by the world yet, to show their elegant art senses and attract investors.

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    What you can do with Block Chain Art Trade Platform We will apply VR technology to the online artwork auction and online art exhibitions of international arts to bring an intuitive VR experience based on special platform. Bidding fee will be around 12 - 30% dramatically cheaper compared with big auction companies such as Sotheby or Christie’s. All transactions are guaranteed anonymity. Transparency of each agency is secured by blockchain technology. Not only famous painters but also emerging artists could be discovered, according to our platform all the related persons, like artists, artwork collectors, auction houses, and art critics could communicate directly.
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  • Token info

    Token WHS
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1 WHS = 0.01 ETH


    January 25th 14:00 (JST) ‒ February 8th 14:00 (JST)
    30% Bonus
    February 8th 14:00 (JST) - February 28th 14:00 (JST)
    15% Bonus
    February 28th 14:00 (JST) - March 14th 14:00 (JST)
    5% Bonus
    March 14th 14:00 (JST) - April 3rd 14:00 (JST)
    No Bonus
    Tokens for sale 5,000,000
    Sold tokens 16,108 Updated on 11th Apr 2018 10:19:11

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Distributed in ICO 50%
    Raised Unknown


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  • Yukio Shiraishi
  • CEO Whitestone Hong Kong
  • Koei Shiraishi
  • COO Whitestone Gallery Representative
  • Kazuo Ohi
  • Whitestone Gallery ICO Operation Chief
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Token WHS
Price 1 WHS = 0.01 ETH
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Category Events & Entertainment

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