Wemark has built an excellent blockchain based marketplace. It serves, especially for digital content. You’ll be amazed to know that Shutterstock controls the market of $4B stock photography and 85% of the creator’s earning is taken by Getty Images.

With the help of Wemark creators of the content license it directly to the respected clients through blockchain. So now you can keep a right amount of revenue along with all the rights to your content. Additionally, the customers can access excellent photos at a minimum rate from different reputed sites. More than thousands of people and renowned photographers are associated with Wemark. They have already submitted more than 40,000 superb photos. This blockchain based marketplace is supported by great VC’s mainly from New York, Israel, and Silicon Valley. This platform is backed by equity funding worth over $1M. The creators, as well as the users, both can make peer-to-peer transactions by using this blockchain technology. This excellent platform also ensures authenticity, transparency and the most crucial thing security. Wemark is also supported by the global investors. So you'll find so many top names of stock photography here. Not only, stock photography but also top names in online marketplaces and blockchain technology are also associated with Wemark.
Distributed in ICO  : 38%


Name Position Links
Lars PerkinsFormer CEO & Founder @ Picasa, Director @ Google Add me on LinkedIn
Keren SachsFormer Director of Content Development @ Shutterstock Add me on LinkedIn
James CurrierSerial Entrepreneur & Investor, World expert in network effects and growth Add me on LinkedIn
Gigi LevyMost active angel investor in Israel. Serial entrepreneur & Investor. Former CEO @ 888 Add me on LinkedIn
Lior ProsorManaging partner @ Elevator Fund, Investor in fast-growing Israeli Startups Add me on LinkedIn
Gilon MillerCo-Founder & CEO @ GuruShots Add me on LinkedIn
Ran OzSerial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Wochit, 2 Exist, 2 IPO's Add me on LinkedIn
Dr. Raphael YahalomBlockchain & Cyber-security researcher @ MIT Add me on LinkedIn
Dr. Dov GreenbaumDirector @ The Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies Add me on LinkedIn
Lee TorrensMarketplace Director @ Canva Add me on LinkedIn
Michael C. LesserFormer General Counsel / VP @ Shutterstock Add me on LinkedIn
Amir FederToken Economy Advisor, Northwestern University Add me on LinkedIn
Tai KaishCEO & Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn
Pavel ElkindCTO & Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn
Roy MeiromVP Business Development & Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn
Tomer GabbaiFrontend Lead Add me on LinkedIn
Barak SimonBackend Lead Add me on LinkedIn
Ohad PeledUX/UI Lead Add me on LinkedIn
Shenhav YehudaMarketing Director Add me on LinkedIn
Adam WolskiFull Stack Developer Add me on LinkedIn

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