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The Waltix is an ethereum platform based token and it is located in Russia. The current price is 1 WLTX = 1 USD. The token is based on ERC223 and ERC20 standards. This token easily integrates with ticket sales and other payment systems by offering easy access to purchase tickets. This is a great method for the ticket market based on the blockchain technology. This is a convenient mobile application and it is under the safety of blockchain.

This token helps the user to purchase tickets safely and easily and then to resell it later or can even offer them as presents. This is helpful for the show and even organizers because it sets rules for ticket turnover, uncontrollable resale, and ticket fraud and helps to generate additional income. The ticket agents can use the convenient service to sell tickets online. The investors can multiply the investments and to contribute to the development of new tech product.

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  • As Waltix is operated through the API system the users get access to ticket purchasing via a convenient app. All the transaction related to ticket purchase will be recorded in the blockchain system, so it helps the organizers to keep track of the cycle of tickets and helps to make changes to the sales process if needed. The organizers get connected to the Waltix system, so they get access to brand new channel also receive profit from the secondary market. Both Android and iOS application interfaces with this token.  Actually, this is an internal payment tool.
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PreICO Price 1 WLTX = 1 USD
Price 1 WLTX = 1 USD
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply50,000,000

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