The idea behind Wall Street Coin is to offer a Peer-to-Peer Blockchain-based Stock selling and investing platform open to everyone. The platform will be based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, functioning as a Decentralized Stock Trading Platform. To ensure correct stock shares evaluating, avoid fraudulent stock sales and other potential threats to investors, every company listed for public stock sale on our platform will undergo a background check by a team of financial experts. The current Stock Exchanges are all based upon centralized platforms. Counter to that, Wall Street Coin Platform will be based on Ethereum Blockchain technology, offering full transparency and all-time log of all the trades ever done within the platform. WSC platform will organize and systemize the stock market, bringing stability and identity verification, transparency, security and trust to a traditionally insecure stock market.

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    The evolving possibilities of technology have become remarkable, especially in the finance sector is one with significant effect. The Blockchain technology has taken the world by surprise and it has indeed proved its worth in various sectors. The stock exchange market is the next sector in which the Blockchain technology seeks to invade with unlimited promissory benefits. The stock exchange market or the stock market is where the buying and selling of stocks and other securities occur. It gives companies the opportunity to sell a part of their company’s ownership to individuals called stakeholders and by doing so they get money in return. In the stock market, there are a lot of intermediaries and middlemen who assist in the seeing of a successful exchange, however, they take a fee or commission. These individuals are referred to as stock brokers as they are saddled with the responsibility of selling and buying securities for investors. The presence of a middleman in the stock market comes with a lot of disadvantages ranging from huge cost as a result of their commission, security and survival, wrong consultancy prediction etc. These problems are thus what the Wall Street Coin through the help of the Blockchain technology on which it is built on seeks to correct. The Wall Street Coin is thus dedicated to use the smart contract feature of the Blockchain technology to raise and enhance investors to see the opportunities present in the stock market. In essence, the Blockchain technology can be utilized to answer issues of interoperability, transparency and trust. The long chain of process involved in having a successful transaction as a result of the numerous intermediaries, trade clearance operations and the regulatory process also is what the Blockchain technology seeks to correct. With the wide range of benefits available at the disposal of the Blockchain, the stock exchange could be at its best through decentralization and automation, reduction of cost imposed on customers, secured transfer of ownership and much more. The implementation of the Blockchain is definitely the next reasonable step in the development of the Wall Street Coin platform as it aims to solve many of the problems encountered during exchanges that take place in today’s stock market.
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    Token WSC
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1 WSC = 0.5 USD
    Price in ICO 0.9000 USD


    25th of March 2018 to the 25th of April 35%
    25th of April 2018 to the 10th of May 2018 20%
    10th of May 2018 and end on the 25th of May 2018 15%
    25th of May 2018 and end on the 10th of June 2018 10%
    10th of June 2018 and end on the 20th of June 2018 5%
    Tokens for sale 70,000,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment 0.01 ETH
    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
    Distributed in ICO 75%
    Soft cap 2,000,000 WSC
    Hard cap 70,000,000 WSC
    Raised $87,740


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  • Korab Podrimaj
  • Co-Founder
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  • Dardan Rexhepaj
  • Co-Founder
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  • Durim Podrimaj
  • Co-Founder
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  • Driton Podrimaj
  • Co-Founder
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  • Moe Radwan
  • Chief of Finances
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  • Amr Barakat
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts Expert
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  • Ali Alomran
  • Sales Manager
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  • Nedal Alaqrabawi
  • Head of WSC Platform Development
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  • Nadeen Al-Yasiri
  • Marketing Manager
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token WSC
PreICO Price1 WSC = 0.5 USD
Price 0.9000 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum investment0.01 ETH
Soft cap2,000,000 WSC
Hard cap70,000,000 WSC
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency , Internet , Investment
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