The VRT is an Ethereum platform based token and running at the price of 1 VRT= 1 USD. It is located in Russia. This is for players, developer, and businesses. The VRT rate of success has increased with the number of participants. There are unlimited features that a person enjoy with VR and they are accessible to great technologies, participate in entertainment projects and ground-breaking gaming, implement own ideas, and become the owner of online or offline VR parks. On the basis of SDK and API, it is possible to enjoy unique opportunity in developing VR products. This will save money and the time. It is easy to get access to technologies and equipment. You can test the games off-line in different countries. You can implement opportunities easily.  If businesses, players, and developers focus on the VRT, they can develop constantly. There are unlimited opportunities from VRT.

  • Details
  • The blockchain allows storing information of the content. The software checks the authentication of the content. The smart contract will generate the license verification automatically to protect the copyright. All the parties involved in the project will be benefited due to the transparency feature. All the profits obtained from the content will be distributed and regulated by the SMART contract between content developers, VRT Company and the owners of the VR Park. The voting procedure is carried out using the blockchain system to ensure the quality of the content. The votes will provide the clear understanding of the areas to be developed. The funds collected will be forwarded to the most requested project of the community.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Konstantin Negachev
  • CEO
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  • Dmitry Livshin
  • CIO
  • Denis Mazur
  • CTO
  • Chitty Lardy
  • Director of franchising
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  • Neil Bryant
  • Project manager
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  • Neema Teymory
  • Smart contract and solidity consultant
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  • Igor Berezovskiy
  • Business consultant
  • Sevil Baer
  • PR & communications
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  • Alex Ovchinnikov
  • Blockchain developer
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  • Evgeniy Kiselev
  • Marketing director
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  • Dmitry Nazarov
  • Community manager
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  • Anastasia Akolzina
  • Сommunity manager
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  • Elena Lyashenko
  • Business Development
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  • Ivan Zaytsev
  • Marketing manager
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  • Dmitry Machikhin
  • International Lawyer and entrepreneur, Blockchain business expert
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  • Daria Arefieva
  • Blockchain Ambassador
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  • Igor Vasiliadis
  • Adviser and Consultant
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  • Eric Benz
  • Adviser
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  • Marco Sacco
  • Adviser on the development strategy in the European Union.
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  • Francois Asseman
  • Head of sales Optitrack
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  • Johannes Canter
  • CEO/cofounder of a digital agency WINK
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  • Valentin Savchenko
  • WinWin solution - CMO in WinWin solution
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  • Peter Sin
  • Co-Head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee, Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS)
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  • Caleb Yap
  • Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
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Token VRT
Price 1 VRT= 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Minimum investment1 USD
Category Gaming & VR
Total Supply 100,000,000
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