VR3000​ ​Games​ ​is​ ​a​ ​token-based​ ​VR​ ​gaming​ ​platform,​ ​allowing​ ​users​ ​to​ ​play online​ ​battle​ ​games​ ​for​ ​spendable,​ ​tradable​ ​tokens.​ ​Through​ ​our​ ​VR3​ ​Debit Card​ ​you​ ​can​ ​spend​ ​your​ ​tokens​ ​as​ ​money​ ​at​ ​any​ ​location​ ​that​ ​accepts​ ​VISA and​ ​redeem​ ​them​ ​as​ ​cash​ ​at​ ​any​ ​VISA-enabled​ ​ATM.​ ​VR​ ​3000​ ​Games​ ​is​ ​the first​ ​to​ ​combine​ ​games​ ​and​ ​digital,​ ​spendable​ ​tokens​ ​with​ ​our​ ​custom​ ​debit card. VRBTC​ ​WILL​ ​BE​ ​LISTED​ ​ON​ ​LEGAL​ ​EXCHANGES​ ​ONLY,​ ​and​ ​those​ ​will​ ​include the​ ​BitShares​ ​Exchange,​ ​Orange​ ​Tulip​ ​-​ ​a​ ​new​ ​Dutch​ ​Exchange​ ​-​ ​and​ ​the STOKENS​ ​Exchange,​ ​they​ ​are​ ​all​ ​SEC​ ​&​ ​CFTC​ ​compliant​ ​exchanges. VRBTC​ ​tokens​ ​will​ ​be​ ​available​ ​for​ ​$0.025​ ​per​ ​token​ ​and​ ​early​ ​token​ ​buyers shall​ ​receive​ ​a​ ​25%​ ​bonus​ ​for​ ​early​ ​adopters.​ ​This​ ​may​ ​be​ ​one​ ​of​ ​the​ ​most exciting​ ​initial​ ​coin​ ​offerings​ ​of​ ​2017.​ ​​ ​VRBTC​ ​will​ ​also​ ​be​ ​available​ ​for​ ​cash via​ ​Neosurf​ ​vouchers​ ​at​ ​150,000​ ​stores​ ​globally.

  • Details
  • About VRBTC

    Token Based VR platform for Adults, for both phone and VR, the first in the world of its Kind that successfully merges the world of Crypto currencies with traditional gaming in ways not yet seen. A totally new concept of gaming making conventional consoles seem like child's play. Either with a headset on, or on the move. VR 3000 games will be a 5G compatible Virtual Reality Games Company. Predominantly online for two players plus games where gamers via a lobby system will have their name and preferred wager amount on display Opponents will be able to then select a suitable match The two will then compete for coin. The coins are held in an Escrow via a unique code we have built into our games and once the game is over through the server the game automatically knows who has won and the coins are released to appropriate party minus a 5% platform fee. Winners are able to use their coins with the VRBTC debit card which allows them to either spend their coins like a traditional Visa card or a £1.75 fee, take cash out from a ATM. The cards will also be compatible with BTC and ETH.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token VRBTC
    Price in ICO 0.0250 USD
    Tokens for sale 800,000,000

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
    Distributed in ICO 80%
    Hard cap 22,000,000 USD
    Raised Unknown


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Dexter Andrews
  • CEO
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  • Michael Padurano
  • Director of Gobal Business Development
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  • Dell Jensen
  • Co-Founder & Crypto Mining Specialist
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  • Peter Wojcik
  • Co-founder & VR Games Guru
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  • Mona Ong
  • Head of Marketing - Asia
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  • Gultekin Islamoglu
  • Director Of Business Development in Turkey, Cyprus & Greece
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  • Justyna Janicka
  • Project Manager
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  • Jin Lin
  • Senior Developer
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  • Eldon Harris
  • VR Games Specialist
  • Mohammed Shamil
  • VR Games Junior Specialist
  • Jed Smith
  • Developer
  • James Jensen
  • Developer
  • Tamsin Brown
  • Director of Marketing - Europe & South America
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  • Jay Ferguson
  • Head of Marketing - North America
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  • Naoya Kubota
  • Head of Marketing - Japan
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  • Dannis Mangoli
  • Head of Marketing – Africa
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  • Lazaro Luis
  • Professional Esports Player
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  • John Maccabe
  • VR/AR Film Producer
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  • John Gotts
  • Founder & CEO Stokens.com
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  • Kyle Mowery
  • Front-end Developer
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  • Tim Mesker
  • CTO Stokens.com
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Price 0.0250 USD
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap22,000,000 USD
Category Casino & Gambling , CryptoCurrency , Sports

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