The VR Platform OKO is an Ethereum based token and currently running with the price of 1 OKOIN = 1 – 2.7 USD. This is the first decentralized blockchain- based platform for the complete anonymous production of adult content.  This is the best-decentralized market for pornography and there are no equals yet. This platform develops the level of pornography market by solving hacking and many other serious problems.

With the switching of video playback, the level of VR porno has risen higher by 9,900%. The audience for VR movies has increased by 250-300%. According to research, by 2020 the pornography market will be $1 billion worth. The delivery of headsets will increase by 10 in 2020. This is the platform to distribute pornography content without an intermediary. This protects pornography against theft. There is a distributed open-source to protect the intellectual property right.

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  • The users and the payments are held anonymous. In many countries, it is legal to do pornography, but there are limitations for distribution.  There is the higher level of confidence with required security, the permanence of records and transparency due to blockchain technology. It is even possible to handle private video chats in reality without any third party or website influence. This helps to do pornography without any limitations. VR technology increases the reality of adult content because you would feel as if witnessing it. This is a virtual market for adult contents to provide good and services for millions. The VR Platform OKO eliminates the intermediary services.
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PreICO Price1 OKOIN = 1 - 2.7 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category software

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