The VooGlue platform and the “VooGlue App” integrate an ecosystem of artists, galleries, museums, art lovers, investors, a digital fingerprint of a “wall hung artwork”, a digital media counterpart and an e-commerce product counterpart. The VooGlue App permanently connects the physical item (e.g. a painting) to a digital media counterpart (e.g. a video or augmented reality experience), a product counterpart (e.g. the artwork for sale), such that these elements become permanently connected counterparts, unique to the physical artwork and inseparable from the physical wall hung item. From a user’s perspective, the digital counterparts are accessed simply by pointing a mobile device at the physical artwork hanging on the wall.

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    Enjoy art video and other media on your mobile device right there at the physical artwork. This will enhance your art exhibition experience. A lightweight and intuitive mobile app that can also be accessed from any web browser. VooGlue can reduce art buying and selling transaction fees from up to 3.5% to under $1! Blockchain technology makes the platform and your personal data perfectly secure. VooGlue makes trading of artwork faster and easier. Every purchase can be completed in a matter of seconds.
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    Token VGC
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1.0590 USD

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    Accepting ETH
    Raised Unknown


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  • Brian Carew-Hopkins
  • Chairman & CEO
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  • Manmohan Rawat
  • Graphic Design
  • Daniel Spyralatos
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Lilian Lim
  • Customer Care
  • Puspendra Yadav
  • Systems Administrator
  • Tania Pickering
  • PR
  • Alexandr Radchuk
  • ICO Expert
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  • Graham Stone
  • Content Manager
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  • Kristine Buenavista
  • Community Manager
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  • Hideaki Yuri
  • Token Development
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  • Vidadi Sheadev
  • Developer
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  • Nisha Sood
  • Web Developer
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  • Ratko Stambolija
  • ICO Advisor
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  • Volodymyr Lytvyniuk
  • Advisor
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Token VGC
Price 1.0590 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Art & Music , CryptoCurrency , Media
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