The crypto community now has automated supply chain solutions for business structures in the gaming space known as Vitoken, which is based on the Ethereum Platform. It provides the best possible link between the emerging sector of Virtual Reality and businesses based online and allows both, the buyer and the seller to save time and money, simplifying and automating the entire process and decentralizing the entire chain of using fiat currency or centralized banking systems during online shopping in today’s world. The ERC20 token is known as VIT and its value is 1VIT=0.90 USD. It has been developed as the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency especially for making business cheaper for the end user and more profitable for the suppliers.

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  • Virtual Reality has yet to achieve its true potential as the 3-D marketplace is now gaining more limelight among people all over the globe. This is not only restricted to items that can be home delivered such as accessories and clothing, but also extend to more bulky items and even in-game purchases. It is the world’s very first crypto currency, which is rewards based. If you like gaming, you can use your skills in the real world to increase your profits. You can actually cash out your rewards by exchanging the cryptos or reinvest or gamble with the profits to win bigger. ViMarket provides a platform for transforming the global e-commerce space by making use of a very simple gadget. Developed in the UK, this ICO is making rounds in every significant market.


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  • Kant Jain
  • Chief Visionary
  • Prudence McNellis
  • Marketing Visionary
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  • Guy Robert
  • Technical Visionary
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  • Laurent Velazquez
  • Creative Visionary
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  • Richard Westbrook
  • Development Visionary
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  • Simeon Mladenov
  • Development Visionary
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  • Kseniia Ovchynnykova
  • Community Visionary
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  • Sergey Kuznetov
  • Development Visionary
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Token VIT
PreICO Price1 VIT = 0.3 - 0.65 USD
Price 0.90 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Gaming & VR
Total Supply 250,000,000
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