Virtual Universe (VU)

The full form of VR is Virtual Universe. It’s an epic game which is story driven and projected in an open world. This game is powered by virtual reality which is also known as VR, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence or AI. So the specialties of this game are

  • This story-driven game is also a multiplayer game. So users can easily invite their friends as a player. You people can go on a grand adventure.
  • It is an exciting living world which is social, rewarding and persistent.
  • Multiple story acres will not only excite you but also give you new surprises. It’ll be genuinely entertaining.

A user of this game can simply enjoy the fantastic experience of this game. Or, on the other hand, they can create it. Playing this game is too easy for the games as well as the non-gamers. You can be in the game, or you can take rest, but the story will move forward continuously. The USP of this game is its rewarding points to encourage the gamers. It's the most excellent game which is a perfect combination of social creation platform and social network. Superior technologies drive engagement of the maximum number of people.
Rates and Bonuses
Phase 1
30,000,000 VU tokens: 25% bonus
Phase 2
40,000,000 VU tokens: 15% bonus
Phase 3
80,000,000 VU tokens: 5% bonus
Token Sale: 45%
User Growth: 20%
VU Team: 15%
Presale: 15%
Partners: 4%
Bounty: 1%


Name Position Links
Jeroen Van den BoschFOUNDER, CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Ciaran FoleyFOUNDER / CEO Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Robert CurtisFOUNDER / COO Add me on LinkedIn
JORT VAN WELBERGENDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
CHARLIE HODARADevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
BRIAN LELEUXDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
TOM PLUNKETDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
SEAN RUNNELSDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
HUGO BEYERDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
JACOB BURKEDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
JANET UNGDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
STEPHANE NEPTONDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
ALEX MORODevelopers Add me on LinkedIn
MITCHELL LUCASDevelopers Add me on LinkedIn

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39 days 10 hours left

2018-04-01 | 2018-10-31
Token VU
Price 1 ETH = 25,000 VU
Bonus25%, 15%, and 5%
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Hard cap24,000 ETH
CountryCayman Islands
Restricted areas Canada, United States, China
Category Gaming & VR
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

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