Single people and also couples have to deal with several obstacles in their quest for true love. Maintaining a lasting relationship with the one you are in love with is also not so easy. Online dating can be risky and dangerous at times and can be exploited by evil people. Couples, who face problems in maintaining a happy conjugal life, are uncertain about where they can get genuine help. Concerned about priority, many of them are unable to trust anybody. They also face problem in opening up about their relationship problems.

Viola.Al, an exciting addition to the list of ICOs, is the best destination for couples and singles, smartly solving your love life problems.

Viola was established in ICOs list with these two objectives:

  1. To provide a secure platform meant for dating and establishing relationships.
  2. To give the people expert A.I Advisor as well as Assistant for making connections.

The core capabilities of Viola are

  • Blockchain Technology – The innovative Blockchain technology of Viola gives users a secure environment, ensures the protection of their ID and smooth transactions within the ICO website.
  • I. Engine – Greatly personalized matching, as well as practical relationship suggestions, are provided.
  • Marketplace – Timely recommendations are presented for addressing the requirements of services and goods of the users. Customization of Viola is allowed. Excellent quality of content is maintained along with strong support from the community.



Name Position Links
Violet LimCo-Founder and CEO Add me on LinkedIn
Jamie LeeCo-Founder and Business Development Head Add me on LinkedIn
Zam OngCo-Founder, A.I & Crypto Protocol Architect Add me on LinkedIn
Nikki AssavathornCo-Founder and CPO Add me on LinkedIn
Martti DumangengBlockchain & Technology Solutions Head Add me on LinkedIn
Bryan ChuAI & Data Analytics Scientist Add me on LinkedIn
Li Yhee ChinBusiness Development & Partnerships Add me on LinkedIn
Christina ThungHead of PR Add me on LinkedIn
Fred LacorteHead of Community Management Add me on LinkedIn


Price 1 VIOLA = 0.20 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap17,000,000 USD
Category Social Network

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