Ventureon is a Hypercube platform, and the specialty of this platform is it seeks to invest in projects that are venture capitals. They assist startups belonging from all corners of the earth. In turn, it attracts financing at initial stages, to search for first investors, partners and mentors. They run several projects and healthy competitions for growth and progress. They always undertake anticipated Diligence. The teams always help to develop further by exploring their talents. All these give birth to positive project development and variegated progress regarding investments.

It is imperative to acknowledge and understand the priorities of this Hypercube platform. For a more in-depth knowledge of the whole system, everyone should know about this. The top priority of the Ventureon platform is to bring together investors and prospective projects. These people will be given access to the new and advanced technologies required for effective project management. They will also gain free access when it comes to active crypto market. They have the transparency and security of the blockchain technology along with smart contracts technology as well, combined with the venture projects. All these points enable them to establish reliability and also accountability to a whole different level within the zone of projects.


Name Position Links
Vitaliy SerbulenkoManaging Partner, Marketing Expert Add me on LinkedIn
Anton SoborManaging Partner Add me on LinkedIn
Vladimir MalakchiPR Add me on LinkedIn
Dietmar GutgartsAttorne at law Add me on LinkedIn
Dmitriy ZakharovChief Developer
Irina VeretennikovaKey Account Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Alex KarelovGraphic / UX & UI Designer Add me on LinkedIn

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