Vector is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that utilizes its VCTR tokens to take the thoughts and opinions of the community, and build an exchange to their exact specifications. You cannot have a long lasting business without treating your customers with respect and understanding. With millions of new traders joining our crypto community, customer service will be paramount. Vector is going to be the number #1 customer service oriented crypto exchange in the world, with customer service teams working 24/7 to answer calls, and fix any problems customers may have as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cryptocurrency is a 24/7 financial market after all, so why shouldn’t we be?

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    Vector is a revolutionary platform that brings together the best and most promising features for cryptocurrency trading. Our sole objective was to develop a unique technological solution that allows the integration of the best crypto currencies to be traded all around the world simultaneously. All of these features would make for an outstanding product on its own right, the first-of-its-kind in the world of crypto currency exchanges and one that could be funded by venture capital investment alone. But we decided to go a step beyond, and wanted to offer the chance for anyone in the world to become a backer, leveraging the power of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is an ambitious endeavor intended to build a comprehensive platform from the ground-up, while bringing tangible value to our backers. We believe cryptocurrencies are evolving to become much more than speculation and are here to stay in the minds and wallets of consumers. We will be opening our ICO sales on on December 8th, 2017, intended to observe community interest in our project. After the round closure, and if it exceeds our soft cap, the funds will fuel our passion with the platform, financing development, evangelistic campaign, marketing operations and team expansion. If it doesn’t match, we`ll refund all contributors. What we achieved so far is the result of the efforts of a diverse and highly-skilled team, targeting our ambitious roadmap. At this stage, we need your support.
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    Token VCTR
    Platform Ethereum
    PreICO price 1 ETH = 500 VCTR
    Price in ICO 3.0000 USD
    Tokens for sale 40,000,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment 1 ETH
    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 80%
    Soft cap 10000 ETH
    Hard cap 156000 ETH
    Raised Unknown


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  • Nicholas Marblestone
  • Founder
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  • Rodrigo Silveira
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Manoj Patidar
  • Account Manager
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  • Prasad Pareshi
  • Engineer
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  • Mandeep Singh
  • Software Architect
  • Rishi Agrawal
  • Software Analyst
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  • Deepak Singh Shekhawat
  • Account Manager
  • Sandeep Sharma
  • Android Developer
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  • Arindam Mohanty
  • Software Engineer
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  • Ashish Wasewal
  • Software Engineer
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  • Akshay Dorge
  • Software Engineer
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  • Vepa Durdiyev
  • Customer Service Lead
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  • Sergey Belobrov
  • Web Developer
  • Petro Sidlovskyy
  • Software Engineer
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Token VCTR
PreICO Price1 ETH = 500 VCTR
Price 3.0000 USD
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment1 ETH
Soft cap10000 ETH
Hard cap156000 ETH
Category CryptoCurrency
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