VanillaPlay is a decentralized, blockchain-enabled platform for video chat services that allows not only models, but also viewers, video streaming relayers and affiliates to earn money.

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    Analysis undergone by BBC journalists place the industry size at US $2-3 billion in 2016 alone and based on the intelligence, the major video chat sites keep on growing in terms of traffic and usage. The issue is that it’s mostly the large ones that are getting larger. Even with the franchising system in place, the industry slowly concentrates around a couple of very powerful players. All this, while models are only getting 50% or less of the revenue. Advantages at a glance:
    • VanillaPlay eliminates the 50% fee, increases models’ revenue to 70% and splits the remaining 30% between streaming relayers, affiliates and developers
    • Anyone is able to join the VanillaPlay network not only as a model but also as a streaming relayer or affiliate and website owner
    • Direct, fast and secure payments: money will go directly to models via smart contracts without passing through any centralized payment system. Money is transferred as you go without the need to meet any threshold.
    • No more access restrictions: decentralized video streaming via tens of thousands of relayers will make censorship virtually impossible for any authority.
    • VanillaPlay is an ecosystem that is built to support fair-trading for models while complying with all the industry's regulations
    • Decentralization allows VanillaPlay to offer a hassle-free alternative to all: models, relayers and affiliates.
    • VanillaPlay is not a conventional business; it is an ecosystem that offers gains for all parties involved.
    The potential? Read below:
    • There are tens of thousands of models around the world, with an average of 25.000 models online at any given time
    • Two of the most popular video chat services get in excess of 20.000.000 unique visitors / month each
    • The adult webcam industry currently tops $3 billion in revenue a year and is growing fast. Collectively, the sites are estimated to be visited daily by some 7 percent of the Web's global users. And the number of models is increasing.
    ...and on top of all this imagine that we’ll be enlarging the industry by increasing the model revenue and you can get up to 20% of this!
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  • Token info

    Token VPY
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC2.0
    Price in ICO 0.1000 USD

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC
    Distributed in ICO 97%
    Soft cap 7,000,000 USD
    Hard cap 15,000,000 US
    Raised Unknown
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Token VPY
Price 0.1000 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC
Soft cap7,000,000 USD
Hard cap15,000,000 US
Category Events & Entertainment