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Valorem foundation:

Based on the Blockchain technology, Valorem foundation is a single platform for all financial transaction. It is aimed to develop to provide an easy to use the platform, for the mainstream as well as the crypto community.   Valorem Foundation is developing a unique platform with the following features: Microloans, Student Loans, Car Loans, P2P Networks, Business Investing, Crowdfundings, Buying/Selling of goods, Insurance and Charity. With state-of-the-art features in the crypto space, this is the platform where users are free to share their ideas, products, services and be a part of an ecosystem that can truly help develop and preserve their personal wealth. So it will not exaggerate to say that Valorem foundation is the next frontier of currency exchange.

The notable features of Valorem foundation:

  • It is a cutting-edge platform, where the transaction takes place easily.
  • Developed on Blockchain technology, it not only ensures an end to end security but also saves the system from any malicious attack.
  • A simple business model, where users, vendors, product and service providers of all kinds an come together and grow.

Cryptocurrencies are now available with ever-expanding tokens. But with the increase of inexperienced merchants who do not have accurate value ascriptions to their platforms and who cannot stick to their promises, these increasing number of coins are filling up space. People have some expectations on these value-added development tokens.

Although now we have over 1000 tokens, very few have added value to the cryptocurrency space. It was the time when people needed an excellent platform for currency exchange. This delivery method was needed to encompass the features of the monetary society of today’s world. Over the past few years, people started feeling the importance of it for our global landscape.

Velorem is hence the solution to all these problems. It is a value based platform which allows interaction among users. It also allows the participation in a decentralized environment that’s solidified by the smart contracts and supported by blockchain via VLR or an ERC- 20 token. Velorem enables several users to participate in this global market where users can buy, sell, invest or exchange VLR tokens. So you can easily understand its reliability as well as its credibility in the market. Along with that, all these transactions are verified by the blockchain, and it will be stored over there via Zero Coin Protocol.


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  • Val Kleyman
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  • Harinderjit Singh
  • Head of Wed & Design Development
  • Navdeep Garg
  • Head of Platform Development
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  • Anurag Makol
  • Lead Developer of Valorem Platform
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Price1 ETH = 1,000 VLR
Soft cap25,000,000 USD
Hard cap52,500,000 USD
Category Finance
Total Supply200,000,000
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