The UPROSE multidiscipline exchange is a concept that will turn the contemporary exchanges on their head. No wonder then that it’s called UPROSE – “What an exchange should be”. This will create a paradigm shift in the way different asset classes are traded and understood today. (You can see full ICO listing on our home page)

UPROSE is not just disruptive, it’s the 4th dimension in cross asset class trading that supplants the first 3 dimensions. UPROSE expects to marginalize the stronghold of the nodal centralized exchanges and through the underlying blockchain make trading and holding digital assets (which includes futures, forwards and structured derivatives) easy and interesting.


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  • Sayed Yaqoob Jilani
  • Founding Chairman ; CEO
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  • Rahul Bijlaney
  • Stakeholder ; Co-Founder
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  • Jeetu Kataria
  • Stakeholder ; Chief M&A
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  • Andy Lai
  • Chief Advisor - Capital Markets
  • Jean Carlo Nardi
  • Chief Legal Counsel
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  • Devesh Kachhwaha
  • Stake Holder ; Offshore Banking Solutions
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  • Karanvir Singh
  • Stakeholder Advisor Emerging Economies
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  • Ashutosh Nalin
  • Chief Technology Officer
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  • Prakash Seepersand
  • Advisor
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  • Maris Boss
  • Commercial Advisor
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  • Nathan Darmon
  • Legal Contract Counsel
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  • Dr A. Jameel Khadaroo
  • Pro Bono Advisor
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  • Vincent Tucci
  • Financial & Taxation Advisor
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  • Victor Dcruz
  • Regional Advisor - Middle East / Asia
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  • Aleksey Lavrov
  • Blockchain Architect
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  • Ziahn Hata
  • ICO Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token UPE
Platform Bitcoin
Soft cap25 USD Mn
Hard cap60 USD Mn
Restricted areas United States of America
Category Trading
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3 thoughts on “Uprose Finmart”

  1. Dharamveer Rana says:

    Its future of trading it will be high more then 100$within year.

  2. Vishal Mavi says:

    Off course, this exchange will change the environment of the existing cryptocurrencies and the exchanges.
    No doubt it will bring a new era in the field of cryptocurreny, forex, commodities and stocks from 2019

  3. Sahil says:

    They are fraud … invested 1000 USD …they removed all coins from my account …sent many mails …no reply received yet ..

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