Uprightly is a decentralized reputation management protocol that solves the problems of trust and reputation in marketplaces. It empowers users to make smart decisions and encourages users to cooperate with one another. Uprightly is independent of any other platform, so users’ Uprightly reputation can follow them everywhere, online AND offline. It makes use of the Ethereum blockchain to assure fair play and avoid censorship and manipulation. The Uprightly protocol includes economic theory to incentivize users to cooperate. Uprightly also includes a world-class user interface application that allows users to see the reputation of users and create reviews for users. It can be integrated in to all sorts of third-party applications via a robust API, as well.

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    Trust is a key component in all successful markets. Markets are built on trust. For markets to work efficiently, participants must be able to demonstrate their trustworthiness as well as discover the trustworthiness of counterparties. To date, there does not exist a reputation tracking system that is reliable, independent, and decentralized. Uprightly solves the problem of trust using blockchain technology and economic incentives. It is not tied to any particular marketplace and a user’s reputation follows them everywhere. The system is independent of any other components such as a payment gateway or a particular cryptocurrency. Uprightly can be used on any platform for any transaction or contract (cryptocurrency-based or otherwise)! The system allows for users to submit reviews of others as well as allows users to easily find information about how other users act in the marketplace. It is our belief that Uprightly will encourage cooperation amongst participants due to its incentive structure. It also protects against manipulation and disincentivizes common problems with reputation systems. It does not require any third-party moderation and is, in fact, designed to be censorship-resistant and decentralized.
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    Token UPT
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1 UPT = 0.001 ETH

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    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 60%
    Raised Unknown


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  • Daniel DeGreef
  • Founder and Smart Contract Engineer
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  • Matthew Fender
  • Lead API Engineer
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  • David Bondy
  • Lead UI Engineer
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  • Nicholas Dirienzo
  • Mathematics & Economics
  • Tiffany Kennedy
  • Partnerships & Business Development
  • Nicholas Guastalli
  • White Paper Development
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Token UPT
Price 1 UPT = 0.001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services , Communications