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UNLSHD is a 21st century agency built for the present, not living off the past. Led by award-winners and industry veterans, it is geographically spread, ideologically centred on the new way to do business. Advertising agencies cannot afford to stay in business much longer without adopting a new model. But they are not able to adopt the model because of legacy issues and lack of adventure. Clients don’t want long processes, they don’t want to be cut out of marketing development, they don’t want to pay for the huge overheads traditional agencies take, and they don’t want untrackable, un-measurable spending. The solution is transparency, lightness, involvement and creativity. Using blockchain and smart contracts we can eliminate much of the cost of “the business of doing business”. In the same stroke we can increase transparency and trust. Then we give clients the power and the speed of delivery they ask for, but we don’t compromise on delivering GREAT creative work. In fact, our work gets GREATER – because it arrives sooner, cheaper, and pre-agreed all along the way with the client.


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  • Tom Eslinger
  • Co-Founder and Partner UNLSHD
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  • Glen Cameron
  • Co-Founder at Unleashed Partners Group
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2019-08-15 | 2020-12-30
Price1 Kibble/KIBL = 1.05 ETH
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