This platform is a decentralized for gambling that allows players to play also they can host games online.Games registered can be poker tournaments or lottery tennis, pool and so many more. The token issued for this platform is UNIT that accepts only ETH as its designed on Ethereum. The value of UNIT is 1 ETH equals to 12658 UNIT. Minimum investment required for this is 1 UNIT, value remains the same for pre-sale and main sale. Unilotcan be reached through mobile apps both on iOS and Androids.Using this platforms transaction can be done using Unilots askey currency.

Unilot is based on blockchain technology,that powers lottery, betting, gambling&prediction suite. In nutshell, it’s a better paradise for betters than a casino. It does runs as a dispersedIndependent Organization with an assurance of truly crystal clear lottery & gambling ideas. UNITS are tokens like a casino chip, easy  to join and fun begins. You can create and set your own gambling society.Its global so the invites or participation can beworld wide complex betting deals.

There is a secure beta-testing for mobile clients, it’spresently signified by Unilot lottery that’s iOS and Android. One can invest and improve as per the experience. Total 500 000 000 UNIT tokens will be circulated without any extra tokens. Tokens, still in stock untouched, will be burned immediately after ICO. Any cryptocurrencies are welcome for the purchase, only requirement is ETH wallet in order to buy UNIT Tokens


Name Position Links
Ilya SonCEO
Denis BetsiBusiness Development
Paulo CarneiroMarketing
Dmitriy PsheninMarketing/IR
Alex LushnikovSmart contract Developer
Azat KhuziyakhBackend Developer
Helen DiniOS Developer
Arseniy AganovSenior Android Developer
Bakhodir AshirmatovFull-stack Engineer
Daniel KhalupskiyR&D Engineer
Shovkat KukanbaevUI/UX Designer
Imantas JadeviciusWeb Designer
Darya KadirovaMarketing
Michael IfeanyiCommunity Manager in Africa
Irina MatvienkoCopywriter
Zhomart MametkarimCommunity Manager in CIS

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