In the year 2016, the value of the international industry of tourism was $7.5 trillion which was 10.2 percent of the GDP of the world.

Here is the age of accelerated globalization and advanced connection. So, people travel a lot these days. Consumers get amazing offers to visit foreign countries from low-cost airlines and cheap hotels. With the availability of many travel apps, trips can be planned in organized ways. Even if travel technology is progressing, there are some problems as well. For every new vacation trip, one needs to download fresh applications for hotels and flight tickets and also for getting services from restaurant guide, health clinics, airport taxi, etc.

It confuses the travelers, which travel app to pick and how many apps to download for getting multiple services done smoothly. This process also consumes a lot of time. This is the reason why Tuk Tu Pass was introduced in ICO list.

An international ICOs platform dealing with local tourism is Tuk Tuk Pass. They collaborate with local hotels, travel agencies and tour guides and businesses in tourism. All sides of the local industry of travel are taken care of by the platform, creating effective remedies for tourists and locals. Here a person will get all types of travel related services which makes it different from other travel platforms. So, things can be done in a systematic and organized way in the ICOs website with the help of Tuk Tuk Pass.


Name Position Links
Fah DaengdejFOUNDER Add me on LinkedIn
Saranpong DaengdejCo-Founder Add me on LinkedIn
Wuttipong PongsuwanHEAD OF WEB/API DEVELOPMENT Add me on LinkedIn
Nakarin PrapaiwongsCOUNTRY MANAGER—THAILAND Add me on LinkedIn

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2018-05-15 | 2018-09-30
Token TTP-A
Price 1 TTP = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap$70000000
Hard cap$700000000
Category Travel & Tourisim
Total Supply 700,000,000

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