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Tru Reputation Network

An Ethereum based platform originated in UK. The platform works for the reputation solution in a decentralized manner. It is assisted by patent-pending &radical feedback algorithms,whicheradicateartificial feedback. This synthetic feedback, a problem assessed to impact over $320 Billion or roughly14% of E-Commerce and their sales every year.TheTru Reputation Grid seeks to fundamentally change the way; feedback is steered in digital communications. The token of this platform is TRU and it accepts ETH only. The value of each token is 1 ETH equals to 1125 TRU where minimum investment is 1 ETH. The pre initial coin offering for this is 1 ETH equals to 1250 TRU.

Tru Reputation has an Oracle Service that acts as the gateway viatru reputation grid. This is the link between the Ethereum based blockchain and the off-blockchain world. This link acts in recital withTru Reputation’s Profile&Tru reputation smart contract.  The Tru Reputation outlineis like a lynchpin for the very own Tru Reputation Decorum. Creating and linking identities to this platform ofTru Reputation Profile, you can persevere your Reputation amid platforms.

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  • This Profileproposes the ease to link your own Ethereum wallets & Bitcoin wallets along with the Google ID, social networking ID and much more in just one source of reputation. At the base of the Tru Reputation grid is the Tru Reputation cannycontract. All Tru Reputation grids are encrypted &reserved in the IPFS or Interplanetary File System via the Tru Reputation based Oracle Service.


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  • Ian Bray
  • Managing Director
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  • Patrick Stewart Bray
  • Chairman
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  • Caroline Draper
  • Marketing Director
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PreICO Price1 ETH = 1250 TRU
Price1 ETH = 1125 TRU
Minimum investment1 ETH
Soft cap$3,000,000
Hard cap4,000 ETH
Category software
Total Supply45,000,000
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