Founded in 2017, Trident is a rapidly growing and authentic partner to individuals, family, offices, investment managers, wealth managers and institutions in navigating cryptocurrency. In short span of time, Trident emerged as an authentic and concrete place to develop funds, insight, indexes and other services. With a seasoned and neat-handed team of a connoisseur, Trident prides itself on having a deep understanding of protocols and believes in a better relationship with clients.

Product and services:

According to the coin market cap, Trident holds top 10 crypto currencies and rebalanced quarterly. Leveraging the power of Blockchain technology Trident offer perfect investment option and full control over your asset.

The notable features of Trident:

Stable currency: To anchor the value to the national currencies like US dollar, Euro and Yen, Trident convert the cash into digital currency.

100% backed: Trident currency is safe and 100% backed. The amounts remain secure and not lose its value.

Transparent: Our process is secure and subject to frequent professional audits. All tridents in circulation always match our reserves.

Blockchain Technology: The Trident platform is made using Blockchain technology, which ensures security and transparency.

Widespread integration: In a matter of security and transparency, Trident made a good leap and presently it is the most widely integrated digital to fiat currency today.

Coin Symbol: TDC (POS + POW)rn
Max Supply: 51,000,000 TDCrn
POS Quantity: 20%rn
POW Quantity: 80%rn
Coins allocated for ico: 10,200,000 TDCrn
Pre sale: 510,000 TDCrn
Main sale: 7,140,000 TDCrn
Crowd Sale: Remaining tokens from main sale.rn
Referral bonus: 510,000 TDCrn
Offering: 1 TDC token starting from 0.55$rn
Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC,BCH,ZECrnExchanges: Idea is to take TDC on all the leading crypto exchanges in near future.rn1 TDC token = 1 TDC Coin
Rates and Bonuses
Starting from $4

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Starts in 3 days 20 hours

2018-05-01 - 2018-10-31
Price1 TDC = $0.55
Hard cap 51,000,000 TDCrn
Category Finance , Social Network
Total Supply51,000,000

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