TransCrypt is a payment platform that allows you to send and receive crypto and fiat currencies right in the chat of your familiar messenger.
TransCrypt is a single window for every financial transaction.Nature of the transactions can be with crypto currency or purchase of tokens & bitcoins. This can be payment for any service also, any or every deal done will be in a flash, in the very own interface of preferreddirect messenger. Say bye to the worriesof the payment and its currency, the built-in exchange system will mechanicallyconvert the necessary amount into the requested currency. Grateful to its personalized blockchain along with the Tizer crypto currency. TransCrypt deals will be implementedwithout any execution fee.

TransCrypt has invented a unique payment scheme, which makesthe experience of dealing the complexities of managing cryptocurrency easy.This will ensure anyone who is acquainted with the normal banking surfaces to deal with crypto & national currency easily. The whole experience will be like sending& receiving messages in typical manner as of today. Instinctiveprocedures and screens, immediate transfers and built-in communications, unobstructedmovement of any amounts within Tizer, everything very easily available upon TransCrypt application download. The token for this platform is TSR and the platform is Ethereum. This application accepts bitcoin US dollars and ETH. The application was created in Switzerland. The token cannot be sold in USA and china. This platform is very can be executed in 3 easy steps starting from downloading the application on your smart phone. Start with the dialogs your integrated messenger chat window click “Send money” then as per prompt, select the wallet. Then just enter the amount& click “Send”, it’s done. All you need incase unsure ask the recipient for confirmation on the transaction.
60% Token disributionrn 20% Reserve fundrn 20% Team & advisersrnUse of fundsrn51.13% RNDrn16.43% PR and marketingrn16.43% Legal expenses, including consultancy services and financial licensesrn7.32% IT infrastructurern5.18% Finance centerrn0.97% General operating expensesrn5.00% Unforeseen expenses


Name Position Links
Nick Machulis CEO
Lena Deshpit PR & Marketing
Alex Volosovik Director of DevOps
Alex Margiani Product Owner
Ivan Smurov Art Director
Dmitry Pechnikov Development Team Lead
Olga Bolshakova Lead Designer

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5 days 22 hours left

2018-04-30 - 2018-05-27
Token TSR
PreICO Price 0,001 ETH
Price 0,002 ETH
Bonus Available
Bounty available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC/ETH/USD
Minimum investment 200
Soft cap 2000000
Hard cap 10000000
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas China, USA
Category Finance
Total Supply 100,000,000

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