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TPZ or Tradeplayz originated in Russia, based on the platform of Ethereum. The price of this token is 1 TPZ equals to 0.5 USD, and accepts only ETH currency. Theplan is comprised of two macro stages, one is to construct the technology &fluidity for the platform as a big B2C machinist. This is step is created to prove the appeal, integrity, and reliability. This will act as a solution to designated local market place with strict adherence of legal values. It is only after proving preservation and consistent development by volume the plan is the global expansion.

In this platform, we will have real players playing in real time accompanied by real quotes. Tradeplayz works on blockchain technology, hence there’s always an assurance of being safe. Therefore one may see a fair &authentic game play among users. The game depends on personal skill, it reliescompletely upon the proficiency of the operator in finance. It’s exclusively a game of intelligences and knowledge. There will be no deceitsor shortcuts, which means no aces up anybody’s sleeves. This ensuresthe platform just and legal, enhancing the sportsman spirit& a remarkableopportunity for the players.

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  • Hence, this platform appeals and invite participants of all skill set to earn incentive on crypto market place,without any acquisition of any spot in the real time space. Examine the currency rates, their ups and down in the market discover the most explosive and swiftly increasing trade of this century. The games are apprehendedas playoff tournaments manner with a true atmosphere. It helps in straining competition endurance of the fittest.


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  • Alex Vinokurov
  • CEO
  • Leonid Minderov
  • iOS Developer, Team Lead
  • Anton Ignatov
  • Andriod developer
  • Artem Nurullin
  • Product Manager
  • Nikita Krestyanikov
  • CTO
  • Vyacheslav Oktyabrski
  • Community manager
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Price1 TPZ = 0.5 USD
Soft cap3000000 USD
Hard cap30000000 USD
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply30,000,000

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