It’s a Bitcoin based on blockchain infrastructure that works for the Internet of Value, Tomochain. TomoCoin is a term coined to the protocol token that manages and standardize Tomochain organization. TomoChain is Singapore based currency with an innovative resolution, to the scalability difficulties faced by the Ethereum blockchain. TomoChainoffers support to horizontal scaling by adding a second layer of blockchains with better performance incorporation.It works with Ethereum for tailback along with atomic cross-chain transactions. TomoChain is intended to be a network that consists of series of chains that supports immediate confirmation. A near zero transaction fee an epitome solution for a system of decentralized apps that issues token and token combinations for varied size businesses. Above that, TomoCoin is also the inherent currency insync with the first project employingTomoChain.

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  • Tomochain is aprotected and easy-to-deal-withBitcoin wallet.It gives financial mechanism back to the purchaser or end-users. This feature is one of the most crucial part of the structure of the “Internet of Value”. It will create new avenues and bridge all the gaps between a cryptocurrency fanatic and a conventional user who uses this system meticulously. This allows the possible increase in the adoption rate of cryptocurrency. This growth rate is gazed to be 10-fold if processed very correctly. The idea behind creating & investing in erectionof such a wallet is to firstly host Tomocoin. Then hosting the Ethereum and further other cryptographic tokens & currencies.


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  • Long Vuong
  • Founder & Project Lead
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  • Son Nguyen
  • CTO
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  • Minh Chu
  • Blockchain and Cloud Lead
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  • Tung Hoang
  • PM & Co-founder
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token TMC
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply 20,000,000
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1 thought on “Tomocoin”

  1. Andrius says:

    TomoCoin is the best ICO in 2018, especially for small investments (500-2500 USD), because it is a very promising blockchain infrastructure project and it has these unique features: a) one of the first to use proof of authority consensus; b) NEO supports it; c) testnet is live; d) ICO hard cap only 8.5 million USD; e) solid team and advisors (I especially liked CTO’s GitHub)! E5b894

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