TokenCard is a depositless Ethereum token-based debit card & platform. TKN is a special kind of Ethereum token. It is an asset backed token where the underlying assets represent an accumulation of different ERC20 tokens over time. The underlying assets are secured inside the TKN Asset Contract from which TKN holders can redeem their pro-rata share from.

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    Enhancing Every Token TokenCard allows you to spend ERC20 tokens at debit card terminals around the world. This is revolutionary: you can buy groceries in DGX, ETH, DAI or any other ERC20 token. You can even spend multiple tokens in a single transaction, and even autonomously maintain a desired portfolio allocation within your Contract Wallet while you do it. Always in Control You never have to deposit with us, ever. Your tokens are secured inside a contract wallet you control. Allowances to enable TokenCard payments are set by you and can be modified or even revoked at any time by you. No Compromises Traditionally, users are forced to make sacrifices in functionality to gain security, or security for functionality. With TokenCard there is no trade-off. You retain the security and control of a contract wallet while gaining the utility of a global payments network. Expanding the Ecosystem The most exciting use-cases for TokenCard are within the markets being explored by other projects in the space. Actively integrating with these native Ethereum platforms gives TKN holders direct access to diversified markets while providing connections to a major payment rail.
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    Token TKN
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 0.5370 USD
    Average price 0.98 USD
    ROI 82.50%
    Tokens for sale 42,300,000
    Sold tokens 42,300,000 Updated on 24th May 2018 10:25:34

    Investment info

    Accepting Fiat
    Raised $12,782,000  170,000.00000000 ETH


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  • Mel Gelderman
  • Project Leader
  • David Hoggard
  • Partnerships and Finance
  • Peter Vessenes
  • Technology
  • Abib Bocresion
  • Business and Finance
  • Andreas Glarner
  • Legal Expert
  • Dennis Peterson
  • Senior Solidity Engineer
  • Paige Freeman
  • Sales and Marketing
  • JC Figueroa
  • Director of Operations
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Token TKN
Price 0.5370 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Banking , CryptoCurrency
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