Time is the most valuable assets mankind possess, in some point of view, the only valuable treasure a person can have. People’s time is limited and appreciates when he/she is needed by others. TNB (a.k.a. Time new bank) is the only cryptocurrency issued by M.I.T, and aim to shape the time transactions, time commodity exchange and time asset exchange powered by blockchain technology.

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    After conducting solid market research and analysis, combining the team’s strong offline resource integration ability and sales capacity, the team has constructed M.I.T, a precision time-value transmission platform based on blockchain technology, to organize a comprehensive network comprised of primary, secondary and third market for time commodity exchange. M.I.T aims to deliver a standardized system that fully expresses the value of time commodities based on how time exporters are recognized and demanded via scientific and systematic analytical model by leveraging its decentralized value transmission platform. In commodity value transmission process, TNB will be adopted as the settlement currency to accurately tell both the current and future value of the time commodities. Under the abovementioned structure, time demanders can quickly retrieve on the M.I.T platform to position and purchase the exact time commodity from the exact time exporter. After completing the purchase, time demanders could either materialize the time commodities or transfer them on the secondary market. Investors can invest on commodities via the third market. In this way, multiple-layers of demand are fulfilled.
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    Price in ICO0.0203 USD
    Average price0.02 USD
    Tokens for sale2,220,000,000

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    Distributed in ICO37%
    Soft cap20,000 ETH
    Hard cap66,900 ETH
    Raised$8,000,000  19,195.00000000 ETH


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  • Vincent Lim
  • Best Liang
  • Andrew Wong
  • Chris Weilacker
  • Matt Branton
  • Charlie Shrem
  • Roy Li
  • Raymond Tan
  • Alex Goh
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Price0.0203 USD
Soft cap20,000 ETH
Hard cap66,900 ETH
Category Business services