The Advertising Currency

A Real World Application, with real world transactions. In the Industry based on crypto currency tokens that circle around corporate advertising contracts. It is a radical advertising platform, paying publishers currency as TAC tokens, which upsurge in value totally based on sales. A Widespread Market platform of Scripts that all incorporate with advertising currency to safeguard forthcoming currency evolution.

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  • The TAC advertising and publishing stage aims to resolve the hitches of customary pay per click promotion. This is the old fashioned method, which Google practice son it sown advertising platform.In for a while, was an unsaid need and demand of am ethos that is reasonable to the parties, advertiser&publisher.This platform is believe to bridge the gap and will be propelled from an improvised version for the marketing Platform. The advertising platform will be seeing the payments in term of TAC or other form of currencies. Payments collected on this platform will be considered and can be converted to Fiat currencies at any moment required. With this revolutionary token advertisers can buy text ads video and banner ads as per requirement. These advertisements will be sorted and categorized as per tags. This is a process where the scanning of the pages on regular basis will ensure relevance of the purchased tags.  Purchasing value of TAC on the opening will be $10 to one token, total of 5,00,000 will be encrypted and out of which only 4,00,000 will be sold. Early birds will receive bonus and that will be based on amount of purchase.


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  • Bruce​ ​Bates
  • ​Project creator, tasked with contractual partnerships
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  • Amy​ ​Iannone​
  • ​Auditor, tasked with bookkeeping, record keeping, and making publicly available documents
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  • Jay​ ​Carey
  • PHP developer, tasked with platform creation
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Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 4,000,000
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