The 4th Pillar project is semi-public and semi-private sale contribution. It has funded the blockchain finance and human resources which connects different platforms individuals as well as various organizations. This platform is based on teleportation service and Ethereum blockchain and is supposed to utilize IPFS protocol, wallets, and smart contracts to solve everyday’s problems which are experienced by various individuals along with their employers.

Some of these problems are listed below:

  • This one is an employee distributing professional database with non-discriminatory, automated and validated evaluation system.
  • Bonus transfers and international expensive bank payments can be done here.
  • Peer-To-Peer work-related document distribution; etc.

At The 4th Pillarplatform, individuals can create a professional identify which can be verified along with their pension funds and decentralized savings. Here organizations even can optimize their capital. Along with that, they can recruit their potential employees.

Just to bridge the gap between two worlds, i.e., the blockchain and the Internet, the 4th pillarDAPP platform is created with HTML which is the frontend gateway to the database of the blockchain, and the blockchain records are managed through smart contracts. A private 4 pillar wallet will be provided to every individual. It will be accessible with an encrypted private key which will enable everyone to control the work-related history entirely.

The 4th Pillar is a unique concept created to provide a safe environment for personally distributed value management. FOUR (The 4th Pillar utility token) will be created with a price of 0.10€. The total amount of issued FOUR tokens will be set out in the created smart contract and cannot be changed, so inflation cannot happen. Contributors will be encouraged to hold the token long-term, as the system will gradually buy back the sold tokens, as they will be needed for system operation and scaling. The trading volume is also one of the components of success; the FOUR token will be listed on all major exchanges during the first two years. Adding the B-to-B sales factor, sufficient trading volume will be easily achieved.rnTOKEN FUNCTIONSrnrn• TARGET: The 4th Pillar collects contributions to launch the 4th Pillar platform on the SE European and European market.rn• TOKEN NATURE: The 4th Pillar token (FOUR) is the key element and an atomic unit of the 4th Pillar DAPP. All 4th Pillar transactions, gas fees and token transfers will use the 4th Pillar utility (FOUR) token as the main transactional currency.rn• TOKEN TYPE: FOUR-tokens will be released on the Ethereum platform using the ERC 20 standard.rn• NUMBER OF TOKENS: The number of FOURs issued is strictly limited to 400,000,000 tokens. The FOURs won’t be issued again in the future. 152,000,000 tokens will be available for PUBLIC SALE. When this number is reached, PUBLIC SALE will be considered complete and further contribution collection phases will be stopped.rn• FIAT VALUE OF THE TOKEN: The value of one token equals 0.10€. Tokens will be distributed proportionally within the amount of contributions acquired during the CROWDSALE process, including additional bonuses and rewards.rn• CURRENCIES ACCEPTED: ETHrnrnTOKEN ADVANTAGESrnrn• PUBLIC TRADING:rnFOUR tokens will be publicly traded on the major cryptocurrency exchanges. We will make FOUR tokens available to new users and it will also allow contributors to sell them after CROWDSALE has been completedrn• THE 4TH PILLAR BANK:rnThe 4th Pillar bank will receive 152,000.000 FOUR tokens in the process of the token creation event. The 4th Pillar bank will be a part of the 4th Pillar ecosystem, valuable and essential for system operation, capable of executing local or international crypto payments, regulating and balancing the FOUR token economy. Due to easier and quicker platform adoption, bank will sell FOUR tokens to organizations in EUROs, but never below market price.rn• 4TH PILLAR PLATFORM: The 4th Pillar platform scaling, adoption and new users will create a steady demand for FOUR token.rnrn
• 152,000,000 (38%) FOUR tokens are intended for public salern• 152,000,000 (38%) FOUR tokens will form the 4th Pillar bank. The 4th Pillar bank will be a part of the 4th Pillar ecosystem, valuable and essential for system operation and also a source for B-to-B FOUR token sales. Due to easier and quicker platform adoption, bank will sell FOUR tokens to organizations in EUROs, but never below market price.rn• 50,000,000 (12.5%) FOUR tokens are held by the founders and the team, but VESTED for a period of 12 months and gradually released monthly according to the 12-month cliff planrn• 29,000,000 (7.25%) FOUR tokens are intended for the advisorsrn• 10,000,000 (2.5%) FOUR tokens go to the contributors, who helped with the project rn• 7,000,000 (1.75%) FOUR tokens are reserved for the bounty. Bounty tokens will be distributed for community building and sales incentive for pre-sale contributors.


Name Position Links
Tali RežunCo-founder, CEO Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter
Dušan LazarCo-founder, COO Add me on LinkedIn
Roman DobrinaCo-founder, CFO Add me on LinkedIn
Jaka GornikCo-founder, CMO Add me on LinkedIn
Denis JazbecCITO Add me on LinkedIn
Marta PilchCCO Add me on LinkedIn
Miha BožičCSO Add me on LinkedIn
Janez SkobeCREATIVE DIRECTOR Add me on LinkedIn
Aleš JazbecIT, TECH & VISUALS SUPPORT Add me on LinkedIn
Aljaž Jadek, Jadek&PensaLEGAL Add me on LinkedIn
Mitja Podpečan, Jadek&PensaLEGAL Add me on LinkedIn
Damjan KošecMEDIA & PR Add me on LinkedIn
Gregor MedvedDIGITAL MARKETING Add me on LinkedIn
Matic KogovšekDIGITAL MARKETING Add me on LinkedIn
Miša PodpečanDIGITAL MARKETING Add me on LinkedIn
Nataša KutlačaBLOCKCHAIN COPYWRITER Add me on LinkedIn
Silvo FortunaSUPPORT TEAM Add me on LinkedIn
Jernej BelajCOMMUNITY MANAGER Add me on LinkedIn

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2018-05-12 | 2018-09-30
Token FOUR
PreICO Price1 FOUR = 0.1 EUR
Price 1 FOUR = 0.1 EUR
Platform Ethereum,Blockchain
Minimum investment pre-sale 10 ETH
Soft cap2000000 EUR
Hard cap 12000000 EUR
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category Internet
Total Supply 400,000,000

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