Mine cryptocurrency with us and earn 35% of your investment each month. In just 3 months, the currency will increase 300% in value. The beginning of dividend payouts — 3 months after the initial investment.

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    Mining is moving up to the next stage of development. Conventional mining on GPU-cards is not bringing as much profit as it used to. On top of that, professional equipment takes long to be delivered from China and with high markup. Moreover, such equipment is not easy to install at home since it heats up and creates a lot of noise - then there is need of a proper premise. Now, you do not have to mine yourself You are becoming an investor instead of a miner who makes an input in development of one powerful farm. It is time to sell the domestic farms and be among the pioneers of mining crypto investors. We will do everything for you We assemble hardware and equipment from most high-performance accessories, at the cost price of the hardware and we will install, test and launch. All you are left to do is get paid on your digital wallet.
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    Token TRM
    Price in ICO 8.4000 USD


    Pre-ICO 1 TRM = 2.8 USD
    ICO 1 TRM = 5 USD
    Post-ICO 1 TRM = 8.4 USD

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Raised $1,038,288


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  • Pavel Kuznecov
  • Founder/CEO
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  • Ruslan Sharamet
  • Software Engineer
  • Igor Koyda
  • Main hardware programmer
  • Stanislav Shamenko
  • IT specialist
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  • Ivan Melikhov
  • Marketing communications
  • Denis Novakovskiy
  • Chief of marketing
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token TRM
Price 8.4000 USD
Category CryptoCurrency

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