Telecoin has been developed to improve the security and privacy of transfers and transactions in a globalized fast paced world with greater digital risks. Whilst providing a long-term energy-efficient crypto-currency to the world. With this in mind Telecoin has been created to provide users freedom and fair governance, whilst giving a secure and private medium of transaction. With a network that supports master node capabilities, Telecoin understands that for those who support and help to strengthen the network, a fair reward system should be implemented to give back to the projects community.


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  • Michael Alexander
  • Project Lead
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  • Perry Newman
  • Web Developer
  • Davorin Bebek
  • Community Manager
  • Jodie Handley
  • Operations Manager
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  • Julian Critchlow
  • Non Executive Board Member
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  • Arianne Elise King
  • Non Executive Board Member
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  • Arthur j Cory
  • Non Executive Board Member
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2019-07-31 | 2019-10-30
Token TELE
Price 1 TELE = 1.33 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap15,000,000 USD
Category other
Total Supply 13,865,000

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