Specs are hard to find or evaluate in a clear, systematic way. And this is just from the consumer side. For online retailers, finding and clearly displaying specs for each of their hundreds (if not thousands) of SKUs in inventory is a nightmare and a big cost.Techspecs developed a website with technical specifications for an ever-increasing number of products, an embeddable widget, and an AI-driven specs generator. Buyers and sellers can now easily check and compare specs for something they want to buy, sell, already own, or want to write about. Because Techspecs specs can be used by consumers, businesses, and ecommerce marketplaces, the Techspecs token has a real product underpinning the crptocurrency’s valuation.

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    According to the latest Accenture Digital Consumer Study (for 2016), global growth in consumer technology is stalling, ending a decade of robust spending on and adoption of consumer electronics. The smartphone market has reached maturity. Demand is down 20% from 2014 in all consumer electronics categories. The reality is that people are satisfied with their current electronics (47% with their smartphones; 55% with their TVs; 49% with their laptops). This climate of consumer purchasing reluctance is a problem not just for the manufacturers of electronics, but for retailers and the entire ecosystem around consumer electronics. TechSpecs is solving all three issues by providing the easiest way to systematically integrate tech specs of any consumer electronics product into any website as a widget or link. It also uses artificial intelligence to auto generate tech specs for large online marketplaces. This has tangible benefits for a number of use cases:
    • Tech bloggers and YouTube reviewers: Can now embed or link to accurate tech specs for reviewed products, along with affiliate links to profit from purchases.
    • Sellers on second-hand marketplaces: Can embed or include the link to specs to avoid long back-and-forth emails with interested buyers, saving time and hassle.
    • Online marketplaces: Can use TechSpecs’ AI to auto generate specs for all its consumer electronics products, increasing sales while drastically reducing costs.
    • Gamers: Can check games’ compatibility with their computers before purchasing.
    • Tech support: Technical support professionals can get customers’ specs quickly and effortlessly, reducing support resolution time and frustration to an absolute minimum.
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    Token SPC
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1 SPC = 1.00 USD
    Price in ICO 1 SPC = 2.00 USD

    Investment info

    Raised Unknown


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  • Craig Humphreys
  • Advisor, CEO
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  • Nikunj Shingala
  • Chief Technology Officer
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  • David Kieve
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Nirav Mistri
  • Senior Developer
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  • Darshan Panchal
  • Senior Developer
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  • Solanki Sandip
  • Developer
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  • Sudeep Yadav
  • Developer
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  • Kim Beccarra
  • Customer Happiness Officer
  • Jay Grinage
  • Director, Global Outreach
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  • Mariia Voblaya
  • UI/UX Designer
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Token SPC
PreICO Price1 SPC = 1.00 USD
Price 1 SPC = 2.00 USD
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
Category CryptoCurrency

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