Talenter is a cryptocurrency that is derived from Ethereum and the Raiden network. Originated in Germany, it is a unique platform that connects through blockchain technology. Talenter provides opportunities for people to offer their talents and expertise directly for other people. It works on proof-of-work approach of blockchain to offer expertise and knowledge in return of economic incentives.

In a world where inequality of income is mounting at an alarming rate, talenter is a ray of hope for several people as it offers every kind of service one can think of. From cupcake making to car manicure, everything is available on TALENTER.io as a service or as a course. Talenter gives an opportunity to people to earn passive income by selling their services that are different from their regular professional skills. They can be-

  • Learn to speak Elbish
  • Local services such as taking care of an apartment, cutting apple trees, etc.
  • Gathering mushrooms.

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  • Apart from these services, talenter also supports well-established business houses by informing them about various taxes and forms and also passes on the paperwork to different authorities only if the user grants the permission. Talenter comprises of two components: a web tool for offering services and the other is tailor-made cryptocurrency. The currency and web tool both are connected via blockchain technology.
    TALENTER (TLT) is the currency that is accepted in TALENTER.io. TLT involves low transaction cost and stable value that makes it an ideal choice for investors. Talenter operates on Ethereum blockchain with a standard token contract (ERC20).


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  • Roland Schwarz
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  • Alexander Hotz
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Token TLT
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap6.000 ETH
Country Germany
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 50,000,000
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