T8EX is a World First purely Crypto-to-Crypto Digital Exchange that is forward thinking in how Coins and Tokens will function in the near future. T8EX is the first Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange which caters to Wholesale Clearance trading activities. The heart and soul of T8EX are the Hardware & Software Tools provided which allow any T8EX Account Holder to move into and out of their cryptocurrency coins and tokens via PrePaid Debit Card, Point-of-Sale (POS) Machine, Near-Field-Communication (NFC) Card, as well as an All-In-One Proprietary Mobile Phone E-Wallet App which unites all these functions into one easy to use interface.

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    He utility of a blockchain token is a function of its broader acceptance across multiple use cases, and its ability to access other ecosystems. This means it needs to be able to interact across blockchains (cross-chain) and if possible in to traditional databases on centralized systems (off-chain). To date, the utility of blockchain tokens has been constrained and their potential limited which diminishes the value to the token holder and creates complexity among the Cryptocurrency and blockchain market. This complexity and limited potential creates a challenging problem to be solved and, consequently, a significant commercial opportunity. The T8EX represents the answer to this challenge and ultimately, the next frontier in providing active and passive traders, along with a range of other cryptocurrency user groups, a new platform to house, store, trade and exchange in a dynamic Crypto token marketplace. T8EX will be a One-Stop-Shop for Digital Utility Token Exchange and also offer a functional set of tools to provide clearance and liquidity for utility tokens. T8EX Core Team, has a wealth of experience in payment processing and technology, as well as relevant stock exchange management experience. T8EX welcomes all utility tokens generated by the blockchain community and all token projects that are designed for any sort of business purpose. T8EX will provide a solid foundation, and thru strategic partnerships, the tools necessary to deliver liquidity, token redemption, and token circulation. T8EX will be the global nexus for tokenization innovation in business.
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    Token T8EX
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1 ETH = 6,500 T8EX
    Price in ICO 0.1700 USD


    Conerstone 63 %
    Pre-sale 50 %
    Public Sale 1 13 %
    Public Sale 2 5 %
    Tokens for sale 216,000,000

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 40%
    Hard cap 40,000 ETH
    Raised Unknown


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  • William Tien
  • CEO/Founder
  • Victor Chow
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Evgeniy Luchinin
  • Chief Technology Officer
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Token T8EX
PreICO Price1 ETH = 6,500 T8EX
Price 0.1700 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap40,000 ETH
Restricted areas USA, China
Category Business services

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