Switcheo is a Decentralised Exchange built on top of the NEO Blockchain. It facilitates the exchange of digital assets on NEO. These includes NEO’s NEP-5 tokens (e.g. RPX, QLC, SWH) or future NEP-X Tokens and NEO’s system assets like NEO and GAS. Trade settlements are done peer to peer via interaction with our smart contract. Although currently built on top of the NEO blockchain, Switcheo aims to achieve a network of DEX with cross chain swap capabilities between multiple popular chains like QTUM (QRC20) / Ethereum (ERC20) with more research being done for upcoming chains like Stellar.

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    With the increasing popularity for blockchain technologies fuelling the price of cryptocurrencies, a majority of these trades are done via traditional centralised exchanges. Centralised exchanges may be split amongst two different genres. Those that accept fiat currencies (government backed currencies), and those that do not. Switcheo will not be accepting fiat transfers with our decentralised nature and will instead work towards a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange​ platform where users may perform trades anonymously without a centralised third party. An immediate consideration of a Decentralised Exchange is the security and centralisation of funds in a Centralised Exchange. As funds are stored in a Centralised Exchange, users are prone to a single point of failure, as evident in exchange hacks, which amounts to billions of dollars in crypto assets lost over the last few years, a prime example being the 500Million lost in the recent Coincheck hack
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    Token SWH
    Platform NEO
    Type NEP5
    Price in ICO 1 SWH = 0.012 USD
    Tokens for sale 100,000,000

    Investment info

    Distributed in ICO 10%
    Hard cap 1200000 USD
    Raised $3,200,000


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  • Ivan Poon
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Henry Chua
  • Front-End Developer
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  • Sng Ping Chiang
  • Back-end developer
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  • Jack Yeu
  • Business Development
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  • Steven Pang
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  • Yingyu Wang
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token SWH
Price 1 SWH = 0.012 USD
Hard cap1200000 USD
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